Which Of These Is Your Type of Engine?

A car’s engine is also known as an internal combustion engine since the burning of gasoline takes place inside the engine. On the other hand, old-fashioned trains and steamboats have external combustion engine. Now, there are several types of internal combustion engines and it is very important to know them in order to fully understand how your car’s engine works and most especially, to avoid or solve engine problems that you might encounter with your car.

One common type of an internal combustion engine is the naturally aspirated engine. It solely depends on atmospheric pressure. This works as the atmospheric pressure acts against the partial vacuum in the induction tract in order to draw in combustion air. This type of engine is seen on most automobile petrol engines and small engines that functions as non-automotive.

Another type of an internal combustion engine is the petrol engine or usually known as a gasoline engine. The most common thing that recognizes this type of engine is the spark plug. This spark plug ignites the air and fuel mixture for the combustion process to take place. If compared to a diesel engine, a petrol engine can run at higher speeds since petrol burns faster than diesel, however, it offers a lower efficiency.

Diesel engines are those that don’t have any spark plugs since they rely only on the heat of compression in initiating the ignition to burn the diesel fuel. They don’t also use air and fuel mixture, rather, air is the only component needed for compression. One of the benefits that you can get from this type of engine is its better mileage and efficiency as compared with a gasoline engine.


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