What is vehicle re-mapping?

How does re-mapping your vehicle benefit you?

First of all it may be a good idea to make clear that we don’t have any kind of problem with skepticism towards our factual statements that detail the enormous difference we can make to the performance and fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

In this world, it’s smart to be skeptical and when you see claims that on the surface may seem optimistic at best, skepticism is a sensible initial reaction.

However, our hope is that you’re also smart enough to put your skepticism to the test because our cast iron, 100% money back guarantee is particularly aimed at you.

We know that “ECU ReMapping” probably sounds unbelievably complicated and whilst it is an extremely advanced technology, the principal is actually incredibly simple.


All vehicle’s manufactured since 1999 are controlled by an onboard computer, which is known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU controls a multitude of different engine functions such as ignition timing, fueling and boost pressure.

Within this computer a file stores the manufacturers settings that have been fixed to allow for build tolerances into their engines and to comply with emission targets, cope with sub-standard fuels found in some countries, operate in areas with extreme environments and allow for some owners irregular service standards and intervals.

How is re-mapping done?

The process is actually as simple as 1, 2, 3…

1 Our mobile technician comes to your location at a convenient time and downloads a copy of the unique existing file on your car’s ECU.
2 This file is then immediately uploaded to the Black Code Head Office where a personalised upgrade is developed for your individual vehicle.
3 Within the hour, the re-mapped file is sent back to the Technician and uploaded back onto your vehicles ECU.

It’s as simple as that. No visible modification is made to the vehicle and you can immediately feel the benefit.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are considering re-mapping your vehicle to save thousands of pounds by dramatically improving the fuel efficiency or if you want to make your vehicle more powerful and responsive…

Black Code can simply and quickly optimize the settings to make this a reality.

So if you want to unlock the true potential of your vehicle, call now on 0845 643 6898