There are averages and averages

Recently the Highways agency published statistics that suggested that the average car journey distance has not changed in the past 10 years from 10 miles per day.  Now we can all speculate as to the reason why.  But you know the country has spent billions of pounds of public transport infrastructure, fuel prices have gone through the roof, the cost of motor insurance has sored and yet the average of 10 miles per day by car has not changed.


When have you travelled on public transport recently?   Have you seen the price of a train ticket, bus or tram ticket?  No wonder why we would prefer to travel by car for business and or pleasure, not only is it more convenient going from point A to point B directly, but the cost of fuel whilst high still out weigh the cost of a train ticket.  


You know the price of a standard class return from Manchester to Euston return is £195, how can that be right?   The cost of fuel would be about £60 with an average size car, it just makes no economic sense.  Yes we all know the wear and tear on the vehicle, but you will pay that anyhow at some point, but not now and you can save for it, it’s just not defensible.


Luckily though there is a solution to making your vehicle more economical and thus reduce still further the cost fuel usage when you are going about your business.  Re-mapping your vehicle will give you a gain of fuel economy by as much as 15%, now with public transport costs going up by average 6% that a total a 21% swing to the better in your pocket.


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