Kind words from our customers

“I could instantly tell the car was different”

The last thing I wanted to do was to let the new power delivery catch me out, especially as it was a typical autumnal evening; dark, raining and rush hour. I could instantly tell the car was different, the power came in smoother and lower down the rev range.

I am more than happy to recommend Black Code carrying out your re-map; the confidence the car gives you when driving on any type of road or situation is immeasurable, I also benefit from increased fuel economy, which would pay dividends if the car were not such a pleasure to drive that I find myself taking the long route home. Many thanks to Stuart & Tim.

L Atkinson – Shropshire BMW 330d Automatic (Diesel)

“the throttle response is absolutely awesome!”

I’m very happy with the remap. It’s running a noticeably quicker 0-60 time, I’m getting 29 mpg if I’m careful (Parkers Car guide quotes 21 mpg) and the throttle response is absolutely awesome!

I called Bill at Black code after a recommendation from a friend. I previously had tried 2 tuning boxes on my diesel BMW, one of which seemed to do nothing and the other made the engine sound rough. So I called Bill and arranged to do things properly with a custom remap.

Glasgow BMW 330d Automatic (Diesel)

“noticeably better all the way through the rev range”

Bill came to my house and checked the car over for fault codes firstly, then sent off my current map to be adjusted. As he is in phone contact with the IT guys adjusting the map, he asked what I was looking for – performance, economy, bit of both. So I opted for a bit of both and after a cup of tea the map was sent back to Bill and he uploaded it to my car.

The difference with the remap is night and day. First thing I noticed was the autobox was as smooth as standard – the tuning box had made gear changes jerky when it was on. The power delivery is very smooth all the way through the rev range with no flat spots or hesitations at all. Power is noticeably better all the way through the rev range and when giving it full throttle it is far quicker than a big diesel saloon has any right to be!

Overall Im a very happy customer and pleased to have a thoroughly sorted map.

Rory Wallace – Glasgow BMW 530 d

“I tell anyone who’ll listen about your services”

Hi there, yes, I’m really pleased with the work that you’ve done to my car. There is a definite improvement in performance and economy. Feels like I’ve got a new car. All the staff were very courteous and really helpful and polite. A first class, efficient service.

Thank you!

PS – I was so impressed – I tell anyone who’ll listen about your services – I’m becoming a Black Code bore!!

Louise Baker – Shropshire BMW 330d Automatic (Diesel)

“the car feels more responsive”

So far I am very happy with the remap on my VW Touareg 3.0 TDi, the car feels more responsive across the rev band & the economy has improved by about 10% too.

The extra torque enables the auto box to stay in 6th gear much longer rather than changing up & down, this is especially useful when towing my caravan.

Matt Partridge – Shropshire VW Touareg

“We increased overall economy by an amazing 15%”

Excellent so far !!!

We increased overall economy by an amazing 15% in the Range Rover and now average 26mpg whereas it was 22 mpg before re-mapping.

The extra torque enables the auto box to stay in 6th gear much longer rather than changing up & down, this is especially useful when towing my caravan.

Ian Burchett – Shropshire BMW 635d & Range Rover Sport V8 Diesel

“the ride seems smoother and smoother”

Took it up town today, the response on the throttle is better. I had a full boot and it was pulling easily….the ride seems smoother and smoother.

When I took it up the M25, from 1500 – 2500 revs seemed a pretty good improvement, but revs from 2500 upwards is really impressive. Hitting high speeds was effortless and I noticed after resetting the mpg meter that it was a previously unreachable 31 mpg.

Brian Mulrey Audi A6 3.0 TDI

“Huge improvements all round”

Huge improvements all round, Ultra quick throttle response and the funny thing is that i embarrassed an Audi TT the other day off the lights. He hung his head in shame.

Tony Mason VW Golf TDI 170

“The power delivery is unbelievable”

The power delivery is unbelievable, wheel spinning in 1st and 2nd and constant feed of power all the way through to 6th. Overtaking on the motorway is a breeze in any gear. Another thing is its looking likely that I’ve gained about 10% in fuel economy. Superb.

Bhav Patel – Orpington BMW X5 3.0D

“so smooth & the power feeds in great !”

I would just like to thank you for re-mapping my Golf GTI yesterday, my car is running great, so smooth & the power feeds in great ! Thanks also for your help and advise. Hope you enjoyed your night out and if your ever out and about in Manchester I’ll shout you a beer! Thanks again.


“the service was excellent”

We are really pleased with both theTransit Van and the car, the van goes up hill with ease now and the Saab seems more fun to drive, and more economical too! Our Son is also pleased with his car too. The service was excellent and would highly recommend your company to others.

Sean & Jackie

“I am thrilled with my van”

I am thrilled with my van, its like driving a different van so much more smoother and quicker thanks alot dudes

Paul Ratcliffe