Market leading tuning...

Black Flash

Our market leading Black Flash tuning module is fast, safe, reliable and most importantly it provides a risk free connection to the ECU that is able to communicate directly through the OBD support without any need for any kind of physical interference.

This provides the highest possible safety standards by enabling the connection to be restored automatically with the ECU in case of accidental disconnection.

Black Code Technology also produces it’s own diagnostic & ECU connectors that enable operation on any kind of automobile, commercial vehicle, heavy duty truck or motorbike.

Black Box

The Black Box is an add-on module which works in parallel to the original injection system of the vehicle to optimize power and torque by up to 20%.

The system is intended to be completely compatible with the existing mechanical features of just about any kind of vehicle including from cars, tractors, commercial and special purpose vehicles, right through to boats with inboard engines.

And has been precision designed to ensure that it does not bring any additional stress to the limits of parts provided and tested by the manufacturer.

The results are quite remarkable, with the vehicle becoming easier to drive, acceleration is crisper and more responsive, reaction is sharper and the low rev performance of the vehicle is greatly improved.

Incredibly you can also often see an astounding 10% reduction in fuel consumption.


Maybe you regularly change vehicles, possibly you have a lease vehicle or a company car, or perhaps you want to be able to regularly switch between economy and race day settings.

MultiMap can deliver true versatility, enabling you to Re-Map your own car’s ECU and then keep the hardware for future use.

The hardware is robust, reliable, easy to use, it can write to the ECU of almost any vehicle and because you own it you can move the programmer to your next car.

It also stores both the original (stock) file and multiple upgrade tune files on a single internal memory card, enabling you to swap between files whenever it’s convenient.

So, whatever your reasoning, MultiMap will deliver you by far the best solution.