It’s a joke but don’t be part of it

It is a counter productive action keep putting up the price of rail tickets by double and sometime 5 time that of inflation.  It only serves to push more people back into their cars.


However with the price of fuel there is a fine balance between getting on the train or going by car.  Now the chancellor has announced that the tax increase on fuel is not happening in January 2013, but you know as well as we do that it is inevitable that it will happen again soon.


It is a joke that the government want more people on public transport and to drove down the amount of vehicles on the road and thus reduce the spending on road maintenance, but it’s not going to happen unless the prices change and the convenience of using public transport improves, but hey that’s an impossibility without paying for it, so what can you do to keep the cost of driving down?


Well women will now see their car insurance increase due to some European law change on sexual equality, so that’s a kick in the teeth for 2013 before we start, but you can fight back and retain the benefit from having your vehicle(s) re-mapped to reduced fuel usage by improving fuel economy.


At Black Code we are dedicated to making 2013 the fuel economy year through our re-mapping service.   Now you can and may I be so bold and say you must be part of this.  So what do you need to do, well either fill in the link on our website and one of our technicians will be in touch to discuss your vehicles characteristics and give your advice and support or give us a call and speak to one of our experienced technicians with no obligations.


Now remember you can try our re-mapping service with the knowledge of our 14 day money back guarantee with no quibble refund, so you have nothing to loose and all to gain.


Give yourself a chance and tax the taxman on and reduce your fuel spending.

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