It can cost you thousands

As purchasers of things in the UK we know that much of the items we purchase, which includes vehicles are made across the world within regulations, god we love them for it!


However because of the need for generic requirements the need for vehicle manufacturers to make the components compatible with the worst case scenarios leave a lot of room for enhancement when the vehicles reach the UK market.


Just imagine one manufacturing plant making ECU’s for a particular car.  Now this ECU will need to be able to take account of:


1.            Allowances for sub standard fuels

2.            Different climates, such as hot, dry and sandy

3.            Allow for drivers who do not adhere to service standard intervals.

4.            Release a more economic and more powerful version later.


So you can see we in the UK have a climate that is in general unchanged along with the fact that our fuel quality is amongst the highest in the world we at Black Code can adapt your vehicle to take advantages of our country, yes you heard it here first.

So before you visit your local dealership to look at more economical, green versions and spend XXXX thousands more why not give Black Code a call to see what can be improved in your vehicle(s) and see us unleash it’s true potential and keep your money in your pocket.

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