Here’s a quick way

Here’s a quick way to kickass out of fuel efficiency



Over the past few months you will have been reading articles about re-mapping and many will outlined the benefits of re-mapping from a fuel economy point of view and how you can gain more power.


Now all of that is true and very important to be aware of, however there are many many other great side effects from having a vehicle re-mapped and we would like to outline some of these for you now whether you choose an ECO remap or a performance remap;


  • you will notice a marked improvement in your driving experience.
  • Under acceleration the vehicle will be more reactive and provide improved throttle response.
  • The smooth acceleration which a remap provides enables safer overtaking and better all-round performance.
  • As the vehicle is being provided with more power earlier on in the rev ranges, fewer gear changes are required, which will ensure a more enjoyable and relaxing drive.


So as you can see these are the real gains that are very rarely covered off when you check out the market when shopping around to have your vehicle(s) re-mapped.


Now each vehicle may respond slightly different to the next, so give one of our technicians a call and discuss your vehicle with them and gain that confidence in knowing what true benefits you will realise from having your vehicle re-mapped.

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