Here’s a method that’s helping drivers

Here’s a method that’s helping drivers to spend less at the petrol pumps


Don’t know about you but when entering a petrol forecourt the first thing that catches the eye is the price of a litre of fuel and people make a choice even on 1p per litre difference between suppliers.

Yes there are various incentives by supermarkets “spend such in store and get 3p off per litre” and they are great but what if you are using a lot of fuel and can’t always take advantage of these offers or are in different parts of the country, or have a fleet of vehicles?   Well it does not work.


Now you can reduce the speed of your driving and remove some unessential journeys, but we all know that this is not practical for ever, so a solution is to build into your vehicle something that gives you reduced fuel usage on a on going basis and this is where re-mapping comes to the fore.

Now you could change your vehicle to a more eco friendly version or smaller engine etc, extreme and not cost effective in many cases, so what’s left for you just paying the fluctuating prices and getting on with life or looking at technology to help you.


Re-mapping is a very effective and cost efficient way of improving your vehicles fuel economy without removing the vehicles performance, in fact in many cases it actually improves to vehicles driving qualities.  Simply put all we do is plug into your car’s computer port and read the software which is telling your vehicle what it is to do and from this our highly trained technicians will be able to adapt some of the parameters to achieve excellent results.

Black Code is one such company that takes care of 1,000’s of vehicles each year and generates up to 15% fuel economy for our customers, so give us a call and lets discuss with you your driving style, journeys and also your vehicle particulars and from this we can determine what we should be able to achieve from your vehicle

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