Drive profits UP and fuel costs down

We’re certain that you’re bottom-line is the key figure for your business and the simple fact is that the fuel price increase of over 20% in the last year has had a catastrophic impact on many companies.

However a number of progressive thinking business owners have taken advantage of the situation by using Black Code Vehicle Re-mapping to drive down their fuel costs by up to 15%*, vastly improving their competitive position and massively increasing their profitability.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you own or run, we can guarantee that within days your business will be performing better

Example of Potential Savings

No. of vehicles Miles Per Annum MPG Fuel pence per litre Fuel price per gallon Fuel cost over distance % saving per annum £ saving per annum
1 25,000 35 £1.19 £5.00 £3,569 15% £535
5 125,000 35 £1.19 £5.00 £17,843 15% £2,677
10 250,000 35 £1.19 £5.00 £35,687 15% £5,353
15 375,000 35 £1.19 £5.00 £53,530 15% £8,030
20 500,000 35 £1.19 £5.00 £71,374 15% £10,706

So we want to make you an irresistible risk-free proposition…

We’ll produce a FREE Black Code Ecomap for your business before you commit to spending even a single penny.

And if we don’t subsequently dramatically reduce your sky high fuel bills, we will immediately return your vehicle to it’s original settings and refund your investment in full.

A few more things. They’re probably important.

All vehicles remapped by Black Code are covered under our supplementary warranty scheme, please refer to our Warranty section.

Our technicians will work around your schedule and we can even complete upgrades to vehicles not located at head office through our nationwide mobile service.

Typically a number of vehicles can be read all in one go and then written back to at a later time to reduce downtime.

So if you’re serious about driving your profits sky high, even during a recession, call now on 0845 643 6898.

*Fuel economy improvements can be affected by the driving style and the examples given are based upon optimum conditions.