Here’s a method that’s helping drivers

Here’s a method that’s helping drivers to spend less at the petrol pumps


Don’t know about you but when entering a petrol forecourt the first thing that catches the eye is the price of a litre of fuel and people make a choice even on 1p per litre difference between suppliers.

Yes there are various incentives by supermarkets “spend such in store and get 3p off per litre” and…

Are you talking about my vehicles brain

On the odd occasion there maybe a need to adopt a different approach to re-mapping some vehicles.   Now this process is something our technicians are fully trained on however, they undertake this procedure very rarely.   It’s the removal of the ECU from a vehicle.
Just imagine your car having a brain, which is the ECU in the case of your vehicle. Sometimes there maybe a wiring problem…

Part 1 of Lambda in my vehicle

Part 1 of Lambda in my vehicle – What is it all about?

You hear it all the time, when people say cars were so simple in the old days.  Pop the bonnet and you can see everything you need to get to and home repairs were so much easier.  However nowadays you open the bonnet and are just met with one big block of engine and electronics etc.

Well its very true your vehicle is more than…