Part 1 of 3 – Top 3 things you need to know before getting your car re-mapped

Custom written files vs Generic files?

Like everything, when you purchase a product or service there are some bad, some good and some brilliant, and re-mapping is no different. One of the main things you need to know is, ‘am I having a custom written file for my vehicle’. This is so critical, and I cannot tell you how important and often overlooked it can be:

Here are a few things to consider…

Power at the customer’s fingertips – Black Flash Multi Map Devise

The Black Flash Multi Map tool gives the power to the car owner to tune their vehicle whenever and wherever they like.

This simple and effective device gives the customer the power to switch between 2 modified maps and the vehicles original. Examples could be both economy and performance or performance and performance plus, track and road or valet mode. There are endless possibilities and…

EVO Magazine BMW X6 35d – by Black Code

Recent Article within EVO magazine turns the tables back in the old car’s favour making this X6 35d more powerful than the standard 40d

The standard X535d is not a slow car: launched in full auto mode we recorded 8.0sec to 60mph, plus a 2.7 sec 30-50 mph and 4.0sec 50-70mph.  But you do notice three distinct phases of delivery: at around 14000rpm it starts to pick up its heels as the turbo…