How to avoid mental hazards

Spending on anything in these times can be challenging and a confusing decision to make as money is tight, but we all spend it in the quest for betterment and who can blame anyone for that?
Now when you purchase something that has a dramatically positive effect on your vehicle you want to have peace of mind that your second most prized possession is protected.
At Black Code we recognised…

How to write a hit

No mater what you drive, how often you drive it, or what you use it for Black Code can make your vehicle….
We know that these are strong statements for us to make….  But they are true, and totally provable, well documented facts, nevertheless.
And we’re so confident…

Power and economy at your fingertips

These days many of us use our vehicle for business as well as for fun reasons.   We get asked by those who travel a large number of miles per week whether we can give them fuel economy during the working week but allow the owner to gain the experience and power of their vehicle at there weekends or there days off.

Well technology over the past few years has accelerated and at Black Code w…

7 ways to achieve a great result

We want to have you as part of our family……   At Black Code we pride ourselves on our customer service and we strive to continually improve our performance towards excellence.  But do you know it’s really hard to maintain the highest of standards all the time but we felt it important to tell you about our 7 ways we have set ourselves to ensure we do give you the ultimate service and…

Does your purchase ever embarrass you?

In this day of purchasing on line there are many items that we are tempted to purchase on price alone and based on the simple statement that it’s a plug and play therefore its easy and quick to do.

Well, like you we have all done this and sometimes it works but would you take the risk with your second most prized possession, your vehicle??


There are a number of basic power…

Clean inside and out

When you go to the fuel pump and see those very expensive fuels with cleaning additives and they cost £1.56 per litre, I bet you shy away and fill up with the standard diesel or petrol?

Do you know what they have added to the fuel?   Well let us dispel the myth surrounding this, it is basically a fuel additive something similar to an Octane booster, so what does this do?

Octane booster…

More distance from a Tank

One of the common requests for re-mapping is to improve fuel economy.
Well there is no argument from us there. It’s a scandal the price of fuel and the flux in the prices at the pump.
We get asked what you may see as a simple question time and time again.
So we thought you may wish to have the answer before you too ask, see you off at the pass so to speak.
There are no smoke and mirrors…