A Starling Fact

We don’t like talking about ourselves, moreover you are more important than we are, but we do know that you would like to understand who will be completing your re-map of your vehicle for you so here goes…


Black Code are probably the best specialist vehicle tuners in the business.


We are, modesty aside, nationally recognised as the UK’s leading authority on vehic…

Does your purchase ever embarrass you?

In this day of purchasing on line there are many items that we are tempted to purchase on price alone and based on the simple statement that it’s a plug and play therefore its easy and quick to do.

Well, like you we have all done this and sometimes it works but would you take the risk with your second most prized possession, your vehicle??


There are a number of basic power…

The Need For Remapping

Is it really obligatory to remap my vehicle? Why do I have to remap my car? Car owners have these questions and a lot more in their minds. Well, vehicle remapping is not really that obligatory. However, in some places, remapping is highly recommended for you to be able to experience smooth, stress-free and better driving. Also, with remapping, you can be both economy and environment-friendly.

Clean inside and out

When you go to the fuel pump and see those very expensive fuels with cleaning additives and they cost £1.56 per litre, I bet you shy away and fill up with the standard diesel or petrol?

Do you know what they have added to the fuel?   Well let us dispel the myth surrounding this, it is basically a fuel additive something similar to an Octane booster, so what does this do?

Octane booster…

The Difference Between Eco-Tune and Max-Tune

Remapping is continuously on the top at these times when it comes to car retuning. Why? Well, it has a lot of benefits to offer. Aside from its risk-free process of upgrading your vehicle’s ECU, it offers a great value for a boost in fuel-efficiency, engine power and performance. Also, this can be done without disturbing your car parts. Yes, this process can happen while your engine is in…

More distance from a Tank

One of the common requests for re-mapping is to improve fuel economy.
Well there is no argument from us there. It’s a scandal the price of fuel and the flux in the prices at the pump.
We get asked what you may see as a simple question time and time again.
So we thought you may wish to have the answer before you too ask, see you off at the pass so to speak.
There are no smoke and mirrors…

Diesel Or Petrol Engine: Which Is Better?

Some people prefer diesel more than petrol and vice versa. Thus, which engine is indeed better? Well, both have their own strengths and weaknesses. All you have to do is finely distinguish one from the other and choose what type of engine best suits you.

If you opt for long-distance driving, you might find a diesel engine more suitable since this is the type of engine that has lesser shut-offs…